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Working one to one, you'll learn how to integrate powerful yoga practises and science backed mindset techniques to avoid burn-out, get accountability and address specific questions about your unique way of moving

The need for private yoga in a modern world

Originally, yoga was taught on a one-to-one basis. The ancient yogis understood the importance of individualising each yoga experience to meet the needs of different students.

Although group classes are popular today and loved by many, they don’t suit everyone. They’re a great way of making yoga more accessible and affordable, and help create a strong sense of community but it’s at the

expense of personal guidance.

When you choose a one-to-one programme, I can tailor the sessions to meet your exact needs. I’ll create a space for a more intimate view of your practice and how you

can integrate it into your everyday life.

Whether you’re a complete novice, deepening your current knowledge or spending some time working through specific goals or concerns, we’ll work together to ensure you get the accountability and consistency you crave from a uniquely tailored experience.

luxury, necessity

In today’s fast paced, on-demand world the most important thing you can do is find ways to slow down and experience true rest.

Slowing down allows you to make better decisions and create long term habits that stick without having to rely on willpower alone.

Self care is not selfish - it's a vital component to your long term health and well-being.

How it works

One to one sessions are a different commitment than taking a group class and that's why you'll begin by completing a detailed questionnaire followed by either a phone or email consultation.

We’ll spend some time getting to know each other. This is an opportunity for me uncover what you need and for you to know if I’m the right person for you.

I’ll create a tailored package based on your needs and once you are happy with the plan you can book your sessions at a time and date that suits you. A booking link and full instructions will be sent to your email.

Why I don't offer single sessions...(mostly)

Of course I will from time to time but I believe that yoga is an ongoing practice not a one and done affair.

You’ve probably realised by now that all aspects of life have one thing in common, the energy you put in influences the results you get out.

If you want to reap the benefits from your yoga practice, you have to invest time in it.

Lining up a one off private yoga session ‘to give it a try’ then saying yoga didn’t work for you is like saying “I tried to serve an ace once, it didn’t work. I won't be trying that again!”

I think, at the very least you'd get a few raised eyebrows for a comment like that.

Why then do we choose to approach yoga (and indeed other movement practices) with this attitude?

Private lessons are not forever. Done right, they provide the tools and knowledge for you to practice on your own, unless you WANT to keep coming back. I like to think these sessions are providing you with your very own ‘yoga toolkit’ you can delve into anytime you need to.

A block of personalised yoga lessons is the perfect way to discover the benefits of one to one attention in a private space.

Enjoy a tailored experience each time at a location to suit you.


6 pack

dip your toe in the water

(valid for 3 months)

  • bespoke guidance

  • weekly email support

  • 10% off group class bookings

  • £750

    12 pack

    go deeper

    (valid for 3 months)

  • habit building

  • improved body awareness

  • confidence to practice at home

  • follow up review

  • 15% off group class bookings

  • £1350

    24 pack

    immerse yourself completely

    (valid for 6 months)

    • more sessions = faster results

    • consistency and accountability

    • 20% off group class bookings

    Our time together provides a framework, accountability and a way to address your specific needs at a pace and frequency that

    best serves you.

    You’ll take what you learn on the mat and put it to practical use in your daily life.

    Ready to EVOLve?

    Are you a teacher looking to expand your practice or do something for yourself – let’s connect. Maybe you want to buy a gift for someone else, send me the details.

    Perhaps you’re planning a hen party, a business event or a gathering with friends and want to make yoga a part of the experience, let’s talk!

    Who are these sessions for (and NOT for)?

  • Can’t fit a regular class into an already busy schedule

  • Want a practice tailored to your requirements

  • Want to develop a home habit but no idea how to get started

  • People with physical conditions that mean a group class environment doesn’t meet their needs

  • You're not sure if you can commit to all the sessions

  • You dislike being the main focus of attention

  • You expect immediate results

  • You're not coachable


    I’m Lorna Green, a yoga teacher and wellness mentor, combining decades of education in this field to create unique solutions to combat the craziness of modern living.

    Wherever you're

    starting from,

    I've got you…

    I’m known to laugh super loud and sometimes I talk so fast it's hard to tell if I'm still breathing...

    My teaching encourages people to worry less and live more through a combination of accessible yoga, clean living and wellness practices.

    Refusing to take life seriously, although I’m serious about the right things, I’ll make yoga accessible to you irrespective of age, experience, fitness level

    or background.

    I understand that yoga can seem really intimidating from the outside. To some it's elusive and for others, too ‘woo woo’ - let me be your guide, supporting your body and mind, through a tailored programme.

    Still got questions?

    How do I get started?

    Click the 'get started' button. You'll be invited to fill out a form and book a time for a short phone call where we can talk together, and agree on a tailored package that's right for you. From there you'll be able to book your first session at a time date to suit you. 

    What do I need to bring?

    You don’t have to be fit or flexible to start your yoga practice, nor do you need any special equipment. Just you, and your enthusiasm. Commit to showing up for yourself and I’ll do the rest! Be sure to wear layers of whatever makes you feel comfortable. Clothes that allow a freedom of movement are best and I always recommend having a pair of socks handy. Cold feet does not equal relaxed body!

    Where can I have my sessions?

    A one to one session can take place in my studio, your home, workplace, hotel or even a local park (weather permitting). It’s your yoga, your way. We'll discuss the best location for you when we have our first call. Note: there may be an additional travel charge if you choose a venue other than my studio space.

    How often will I need to have my one to one sessions?

    Traditionally yoga is something that's practiced every day however I think this quote sums it up…

    “Once a week to survive. Twice to revive. Three times to thrive. Every day to arrive at your soul’s destination.”

    The key to getting real benefit from your practice is to fix a time and a day where you consistently show up for yourself. As a yoga teacher I believe it is my job (and my goal) to teach you how to practice yourself, learning sequences you can use without assistance. Yoga is not something we do but rather something we are, with time and commitment it becomes a part of your everyday life!

    What happens in a session?

    This is like asking how long's a piece of string - you are unique, and so are your sessions. What we do and how we work together is going depend on your fitness, your goals and the location you choose. 

    What happens if I cancel or miss my session?

    Sometimes life throws surprises at us and bookings need to be changed or cancelled. Lorna Green Yoga understands that often these things are outside your control however we respectfully ask for a minimum of 24 hours notice. Cancellation within a 24 hour time period will incur a 100% charge

    Why would I choose a private session over a group class?

    While both approaches have their benefits private teaching offers a tailored experience, convenient and stress free, at a time and place to suit you. You'll receive the attention you need because your teacher is not having to split their time and focus across a larger group. Individual classes are targeted and paced to suit your ability and your goals. These sessions work for beginners who would like to explore yoga and for more experienced yogis looking to deepen their practice.

    Is one to one yoga right for me?

    A private yoga class designed around your needs and abilities is the safest and easiest way to build a healthy mind and body. I have always believed that yoga can benefit every single person, irrespective of shape, size, age, or gender and a private programme is the most effective way to create a lifelong habit. 

    I do what I do because of YOU...

    Reading through this website will give you a flavour of who I am and what I do but nothing beats real people sharing stories and experiences. See what these folks have to say about Lorna Green Yoga… 

    “Yoga with Lorna is a beautiful experience. I loved her gentle, but deep and profound exercises and I learned some new asanas that turned out to be particularly helpful for me. 



    “Never saw myself as a 'yoga-guy' but Lorna makes it so fun and accessible I'm curious to know more after every session. My body is in the best shape of my life and so is my mind.



    “My first Yin Yoga session today with Lorna and it was fabulous. She is knowledgeable, friendly, approachable and caring. Two hours flew past, it wasn't easy but it was good fun.




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