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Inspiring a yoga life

My intention is not only to bring you a healthier body and stronger mind, the byproducts of yoga practice, but to cultivate a mindset that can cope with anything and a heart free of judgement. If you happen to end up with a joyful existence and a great ass then... BONUS!

The benefits of yoga can be felt immediately and manifest further through time. These benefits are accessible to anyone irrespective of age, experience, fitness level and background. 

Wherever you're starting from, I've got you...

You can work with me in person and online. Find out more about my services below and get in touch if you'd like to discuss a tailored package that works with your life, wherever you are!

Lorna Green Yoga

Work with me → in person

Sign up for any of my one-to-one or group classes using one of the choices below. More workshops and retreats will be coming soon in 2018...

Group yoga classes

I am currently offering limited Yin yoga and Yoga Wheel group classes in 6 week blocks in Linlithgow, Scotland. I will travel on request, please get in touch if you’d like to discuss yoga classes, education or opportunities.

You can see all my class days and times on my Schedule and book online.

If it's your first time coming to one of my classes you will receive a health questionnaire before your first class to ensure it's right for you.

Yoga can be tough both physically and mentally so remember to cultivate patience, listen to your body and respect how you feel in a given moment.

One to one yoga

There are many different reasons for scheduling a personalised yoga session, so before you begin you will complete a detailed registration form and have a call with me so together we can determine the best practice, asana and breathing techniques for you.

A great private session relies on open communication and this is not limited to the initial consultation. Throughout your sessions I will ask questions about how you feel and what you are experiencing. These questions help to determine the direction of the session and also act as a guide to future sessions.

A One to one session can take place in your home, workplace, hotel and even a local park (weather permitting). It’s your yoga your way. Get in touch to book.

Workshops & Retreats

No more workshops & retreats planned for 2017, but more on the horizon for 2018. Sign up to my newsletter and be the first to know about upcoming events, classes, workshops and retreats.

Work with me → online

Join any of my online group classes and 1-2-1 sessions here or browse the online courses available for instant download.  You can also access my Youtube channel full of free resources to help you develop a fun, confident home practice.

Let’s do this!

Book any of the services below online.

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Questions → Answers

Is there an age limit for practicing yoga?

Yoga is a universal practice for all ages, body types and fitness levels. From teenagers to pensioners your session will be adapted to suit your needs

What should I wear?

Layers of whatever makes you feel comfortable. Clothes that allow a freedom of movement are best and I always recommend having a pair of socks handy. Cold feet does not equal relaxed body!

What’s the best thing to eat before a yoga session?

Nothing. Yoga is best done on an empty stomach, preferably two to three hours after a moderate or light meal. Folks with blood sugar issues can take a snack 30 minutes before if needed.

How often should I practice?

Traditionally yoga is something that we practice every day however I think this quote sums it up…

“Once a week to survive. Twice to revive. Three times to thrive. Every day to arrive at your soul’s destination.”

The key to getting real benefit from your practice is to fix a time and a day where you consistently schedule your practice. As a yoga teacher I believe it is my job (and my goal) to teach you how to practice yourself, learning sequences you can use without assistance. Yoga is not something we do but rather something we are, with time and commitment yoga becomes a part of your everyday life!

Where do classes take place?

All classes are private and designed to fit around you so you choose the venue. To make our service as convenient as possible we can arrange classes at your home, office, hotel or even at a local park (weather permitting!). Available in Central Scotland. Locations outside of Scotland are possible, but will incur additional charges. Please book a consultation to design a package especially for you.

Is there a difference between a private class and a studio class?

Absolutely! While both approaches have their benefits private teaching offers a tailored experience, convenient and stress free. Individual classes are targeted and paced to suit your ability and your goals. They are suitable for beginners who would like to explore yoga and for more experienced practitioners looking to deepen their practice.

Do I need a mat?

It is recommended to practice on a mat for both safety and support. If you have your own mat that’s wonderful but if needed we can provide one.

Can I share a class?

For sure! A private class is offered at a flat rate (up to 4 people) so as long as the space permits share the cost and the fun with family friends and colleagues.

I’ve booked a multiple course of classes, how does this work?

Once you have booked a course of sessions you can use them as you choose, daily weekly, monthly it’s entirely up to you however there is an expiry of 12 months on any course purchased.

What happens if I cancel a booking?

Sometimes life throws surprises at us and bookings need to be changed or cancelled. We respect that often these things are outside your control however we respectfully ask for a minimum of 24 hours. Cancellation within a 24 hour notice period will incur a 100% charge.

Is Lorna Green qualified and insured?

Yes, absolutely, I am a Yoga Alliance member and also a Qualified, Verified and Insured member of BABTAC (British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology.