A Love Letter to You

I wrote this a couple of years ago and only rediscovered it because I was looking for something suitable to post on Valentine's Day.  

It’s funny how, rereading your own words can remind you of sentiments and feelings that had been long forgotten.  I felt such a rush of emotion reding this today that I thought I’d share once again.  Happy Valentimes my loves…

Today I am writing a love letter. It’s not to my beloved or my beautiful family and friends. It’s not a letter about secret passions or burning desire for another individual. It's an expression of love to all things, all people and every experience. Perhaps at it’s heart, I am writing this love letter to myself.

I want to say how beautiful you are. I want to tell you how you touch lives just by being you, how special you are even when circumstance tries to tell you otherwise.

I want to share with you how much I love you, yes you, the person reading these words right now. My love is all for you. Even if we have never met and never will we are connected by love. You and I forever joined by that invisible, unbreakable thread.

I love you when you are mean and selfish; I love you as much in the morning as I do in the evening. I love you when you are crying and I love you when you smile. I love you when I am by your side and I love you when distance makes it hard to feel you.

My love is infinite even when it seems hidden.

Today I am writing a love letter because the world needs more love letters.

From my heart to yours…