I Choose Love Challenge

I choose love, do you?   

In February 2017 I had a moment.  One of those moments that I think all of us experience at some point in life.  That moment was the harsh and gut wrenching realisation that the world sucked.  My heart was broken with all the pain and suffering and it had become hardened to the loneliness and frustration and disappointment that surrounded me.  

In that moment I decided I was tired of my world being full of hate and anger, tired of what seemed like the never-ending flow of negativity about the economy, the environment, the future of our children and so on.  So tired of how we choose to worship at the feet of ‘celebrity’ and judge each other on the clothes we wear and the handbags we carry or the car we drive.  The world seemed to tearing itself apart around me and I could either watch it happen or do something about it.   

It is moments like this where you realise your own insignificance in the world.  OK, great Lorna, you’re tired of the world and you’re going to change it.  Ummmmmm, how do you suggest we begin? 

Little Steps

The opposite of all this hate in my mind is love.  Love in all it’s forms.  Love for self, for one another and the planet we call home.  So, if love is the answer, how do I get more of it?  My Mum says "little bits and often".  It's the accumulation of small things that make the biggest difference.  You don’t need to change the world before dinner, just be consistent.  Do something, even the most seemingly trivial of acts, every day and watch it build momentum and grow into something greater than you could ever imagine.  Yes, now we are getting somewhere! 

I Choose Love Challenge

I sat down in front of my computer and I began to tap away.  The result was 14 days of Love.  Little, daily practices that can be done in 5 minutes (or 5 hours if you choose to) that remind you to choose love in every situation and to share love whenever you can.  

There is nothing new in these 14 days, in fact there’s a good chance you’ve heard it all before.  The interesting thing here is that there is so often a gaping chasm between knowing something and acting upon it.  The challenge has been designed to help you take bite sized chunks of love and to share them around if you want to.  

Getting Started

The challenge is completely free and you can work through it at your own pace.  If you miss a day, no problem just pick up where you left off when you can.  Each daily practice digs into a different aspect of sharing love, whether that love is directed at your self of others.  Often you might feel uncomfortable or silly and the temptation to just avoid that particular day will be strong.  When these reactions come up it’s your minds way of protecting you from something that might be difficult or even painful to face and yet it’s in these challenging places that gold is to be found.  

To join the I Choose Love Challenge all you have to do is share your name and email address (it will be used only for the challenge unless you decide you want to receive future mailings from us).  Once you’ve filled in your details the first Love Challenge will be posted straight to your inbox and everyday for a full 14 days.  

I’d love to know your experiences and hear your stories so remember to pop onto Facebook and like the page and when you are sharing anything about the challenge use the hashtag #ichooselove

“Love is all you need” sang the Beetles so many years ago.  There are days when it seems like that is just not true and then something happens to remind me that love really does have the power to move mountains.

I know I am just one tiny pebble in a beach full of pebbles and I wonder what difference I can make in the grand scheme of things.  Then I'm reminded how even the tiniest of pebbles can create ripples in the water that radiate for miles around.  So come on pebbles…let’s make some ripples!