5 reasons to start a home practice today

I know, I know you never thought when you started yoga there’d be homework did you?   

It can be quite intimidating trying to recreate your favourite yoga class at home. The good news is home practice doesn’t have to take a great deal of time and can be incredibly effective with just 10 minutes each day. You can work on your own, choosing your favourite asana sequences from a class you attend, follow from a book or you can tap into the vast online network available at your fingertips.  

The real key with a home practice is to have fun and get into your your body so you can get out of your head.  

Whatever your preference here’s 5 great reasons to start a home practice today.  

1 Learn at your own pace
Pause, rewind, repeat. These are all options when you practice at home. There’s no pressure to keep up or to be doing the same as everyone else it’s just you and your mat.

2 Tune in without distraction
The greatest distraction for me when I attend classes is how easily I disconnect from my own experience and start to compare myself or compete with those around me.  

The real beauty of home practice is having a place where I can pay attention to my own body without distraction. I honour myself both emotionally and physically and it helps me focus on what I need most. Some days I crave a restorative, healing practice and at other times when I feel more fluid I’ll seek out an energising experience. Less distraction means I can give my body and mind more of what it needs!

3 Save time and money
No travel time to get to the studio, no rush hour traffic or having to fit around a class timetable.  Dipping into the ‘virtual studio' at home allows you to bring yoga into your life at a time that suits you.

Financially, times are tough and some weeks just finding the few pennies to attend a class can be really challenging but due to the nature of online classes they are often more cost effective, with a diverse choice of teachers and styles.

4 Learn with a variety of teachers
As a teacher I love nothing more than seeing the same people attending my classes regularly. I get to know them and their body. I get to witness the changes as their practice grows.  I am also aware that we progress more when we are exposed to variety.  Every teacher approaches the subject in a different way and each person has their own unique lessons to share and to learn.  

Home practice allows you to experience different styles of teaching, different forms of yoga and different approaches. It will help you to understand what works for you as well as your preferences and your challenges. 

5 Complement your studio practice
Sometimes when I look around my group classes I can spot the people who don’t practice at home. They are usually the ones trying to follow a set of instructions, concerned more with whether they are ‘getting it right’ rather than what they feel.  

The practice of yoga is not about what you can do but about creating the quiet space you need to explore your reactions, sensations and feelings as you move through your daily life. This can be achieved when you take the lessons learned in class home with you to practice and play with in your own time.  

You can start your home practice with me today (on Powhow) by clicking here.