My story


Stay true to your own path, whatever gets thrown in your way, life is too short not to!

For more than 20 years I have worked in the spa and wellness industry with a focus on the practice and teaching of yoga. Like so many teachers, my path to this profession hasn’t been an easy one... 

I have always been a lover of the practice of yoga and began to attend classes when I was a teenager. Like many of us I showed up for a class once a week, if I could be bothered and saw it only for its physical benefits and the nice sleep I always got at the end. It’s fair to say that much of that early practice was spent in a permanent state of sweaty frustration as I tried to convince my body, without success, that it possessed the abilities of a circus contortionist – it did not, nor does it now! I never quite seemed to reach the state of Nirvana those around me appeared to have as we sat crossed legged, with our palms together. My squirmy body and distracted mind would have me counting the seconds until we could get moving again. Convinced I was simply not cut out for the yoga life I did what so many others before me had done, I gave up.   

Now despite my best efforts to stay away Yoga was always on my radar. My job in the spa industry exposed me to environments where yoga and other spiritual and wellness practices were an everyday occurrence so my education continued. 

Then came the part of my life that really did change everything. Illness, bankruptcy, loss of a 16 year relationship and, at times, loss of sanity put me firmly back on the path of yoga. 

Growth is always painful and my challenges are no different than anyone else’s. The path is littered with self doubt, self loathing, blame, anger and loneliness but in amongst the jaggy thorns there is self discovery and incredible ‘a-ha’ moments where you know, deep in your very soul that it’s all going to be OK.

The practice of yoga, for me, goes far beyond an hour of asana on a mat each day. It is the foundation for everything else in my life.

My perspective on life, health and wellness, along with a desire to create unique solutions for the individuals and groups who work with me, and an inability to take life too seriously, is what makes Lorna Green Yoga unmistakably rare.
— Lorna

What I teach

Over the years my work has developed with education into bodywork, massage, NLP, energy healing and many different approaches to yoga. My teaching doesn’t have a particular style or label because it evolves to suit the needs of the people I am working with.  

As a massage therapist I have always had interest in anatomy and how the body works. Intensive training in Yin yoga with Victor Chng lead me to study the work of Paul Grilley and the myofascial meridian work of Tom Myers. Their cutting edge approach to movement completely changed my own ideas about how we move and how we can move more freely with just some small changes.  

I adopt a truly holistic approach to my teachings. Mind and body are equally influenced by a practice that combines the principles of Yin Yoga, meditation, massage, use of essential oils and the language of NLP.